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Alternative Hemorrhoid Treatment

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alternative hemorrhoid treatmentFinding an Alternative Hemorrhoid Treatment

Are you tired of expensive over-the-counter medications which only provide temporary relief from hemorrhoid pain? It’s time you consider an alternative hemorrhoid treatment to heal your condition. Alternative treatments are the best way to heal hemorrhoids as they cure the main cause of hemorrhoid in addition to relieving the pain caused by hemorrhoids. One such all-natural medication is HemRid which also offers a 120-day refund policy if you don’t find it satisfactory. Keep in mind that you can only purchase this medication online. For fast delivery, you can avail the next-day shipping option.

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There are many conventional medications present in the market which physicians recommend for treatment of hemorrhoids, however many people are considering alternative treatment as they are proving to be more effective in healing hemorrhoids.

If you are at a loss for how to relieve your hemorrhoid problems, there are a few alternative hemorrhoid treatment methods for you to consider. Much of your treatment can be done at home, though it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about the problem for advice more fitting to you specifically. Your problem may be past the use of at home care. If it is not though, consider some of the treatment suggestions below.

Sitz Bath

You can take a sitz bath a few times a day to relieve some of the pain. When you do this, you need to monitor the temperature of the water and make sure it is not too hot. You do not want to burn the hemorrhoids. You merely want to sooth them so they can start healing. Sit in the bath in 15 minute increments and you should start feeling the healing.

Apply Ice

You can apply ice to the area a few times a day to reduce the swelling. This works best if you have the ice in a pack so your anus is not in direct contact. Apply the ice pack a few times throughout the day, but do not do sessions longer than 15 minutes at a time. Try laying down while you apply the ice so you do not put any more pressure on the spot than is necessary.

Wear Cotton

Cotton underwear and pants will allow your anus to breath as much as possible. This will prevent a buildup of moisture in the area that could irritate the hemorrhoids even further. If you get a chance to sleep without any underwear on, that may be a good idea. You want the area to get as much air to it as possible because that will speed up your healing time.

Wash Instead of Wiping

When you use the restroom, wash your anus off rather than wiping it. This alternative hemorrhoid treatment will ensure the least amount of irritation for the swollen area. Just dab the hole with a wet cloth or use a bidet to clean it out. Avoid toilet paper as much as you can.