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Anal Fissure Treatments

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anal fissure treatmentsThe Treatment of Anal Fissures

Many people find anal fissures distressing due to the severe pain they cause after bowel movements. Some people may also experience bleeding because of anal fissures. There are many anal fissure treatments available in the form of over-the-counter drugs and natural medications. A treatment which has proven to be highly effective and produces fast relief from the pain is Hemrid. HemRid can only be purchased online and offers its buyers a next-day shipping option. It also comes with a 120-day refund policy in case of unsatisfactory results.The symptoms of anal fissures are often frightening but the condition can quickly be healed by immediate treatment.

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There are few experiences less comfortable in life than suffering from anal fissures.  Often a byproduct of either an intestinal condition (diarrhea, constipation, Crohn’s, or an intestinal bowel disorder) or an insertion of a foreign object in to the anus, the condition features sharp, burning pain along with possible bleeding and discharge.  For those suffering, finding a treatment to heal the fissure quickly is a priority.  Fortunately, there are a number of anal fissure treatments.

The simplest way to treat an anal fissure is to treat the cause first.  By increasing fiber, using a laxative, or simply consuming a greater amount of water, diarrhea and constipation may be lessened to the extent of discontinuing aggravating the fissure.  Following these simple steps, many may look to warm baths (generally two to three a day) as a method of soothing one’s self.  These methods, combined with time, can often lead to a quick and satisfactory healing of the fissure.

For those wishing to find a more immediate solution, there are a variety of over the counter medicines that may be used in treatment.  Those creams meant to treat rectal itching and hemorrhoids are often useful, though studies have proven that some are no more effective than simply taking a bath.  However, these medications do have the added benefit of providing quick relief of both pain and itching.  When these over the counter medications are not enough, there are prescriptions that may be obtained to help with the healing of the fissure.  As anal fissures are generally caused by the over tightening of the sphincter, a variety of treatments (including Botox) can help with eliminating the spasms.

As a last resort, there are also surgical options to treat severe anal fissures.  By making an incision in the sphincter, a deal of pressure be released and spasming should be eliminated.  However, this treatment does carry with it some risks of incontinence, and is only used to treat fissures that will not heal over the long term.

Be the solution simple home care or surgery, there are a number of treatments for anal fissures.  The condition is generally short term, and should heal by itself.  If experiencing anal fissures over a great length of time, visiting a physician is recommended.