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Anal Fissures Treatment

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anal fissures treatmentTreatment for Anal Fissures

Anal fissures tend to cause great discomfort and are often very painful. It is important to find out the real cause of anal fissure before starting the treatment for effective results. Anal fissures may be caused by constipation, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel condition, abnormal bowel movements, child birth, or Diarrhea. An effective anal fissure treatment not only reduces the pain but also heals the fissure. There are many over-the-counter medications that claim to heal anal fissures but do not produce effective results. HemRid is an amazing herbal medication to treat anal fissures effectively and quickly. As it is a natural product, it has no side-effects whatsoever. It also comes with a 120-day refund policy so you can always claim a refund in case you don’t get the desired results. You can only purchase this product online. For fast delivery, avail the next-day shipping option.

Treat your anal fissure immediately as it may require surgery if left untreated for a prolonged period of time.

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Anal fissures are tears that occur in the anal lining, eventually resulting in painful linear ulceration that develops around the anal lining inside the rectum.  Because the anal fissure is located in a highly sensitive area, the treatment and healing of this condition can be painful and difficult.  Anal fissures can result from passing hard fecal stools, constipation, continual diarrhea, and traumatic overstretching of the anal region. Occasionally, anal fissures may also indicate a more serious condition such as tuberculosis and certain types of cancer.


The common symptoms associated with anal fissures are red blood spotting when going to the bathroom, pain and sensitivity near the anal opening of the rectum, and itching in the sensitive area. The symptoms of anal fissures are very similar to those of hemorrhoids.

Anal Fissures Treatment

There are three main types of anal fissures treatment; they are natural, external creams and ointments, and surgical treatment.  The natural method of healing anal fissures consists of increasing your fiber intake, stool softeners, drinking plenty of water, and taking warm 20-minute sitz baths to relax the anal canal and ease the stress at the area of the anal fissure.  Another form of anal fissures treatment is application of topical ointment or cream directly at the anal fissure site.  Most of these ointments contain nitrates to relax the sphincter pressure near the fissure and increase mucous blood flow for healing.  Always consult your doctor for correct application methods and medicinal cautions and side effects.  It is encouraging to note that approximately 80% percent of anal fissure cases can be treated and healed through cream and ointment treatment and application.  There are certain anal fissure conditions that require surgical treatment.  These treatments use surgical or laser incisions in and around the mucosal tissue or sphincter muscles to relieve stress in the area or remove scar tissue and excess skin.

Anal fissures treatment is highly effective and usually very successful.  Though the condition is different from the more common ailment of hemorrhoids, they both have similar symptoms, treatment options, and the both offer the same positive outlook for recovery and healing.  Make certain that you discuss the various anal fissures treatment options with a doctor or specialist so that you may choose the right treatment for you.