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Bleeding External Hemorrhoid

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bleeding external hemorrhoidSymptoms of a Bleeding External Hemorrhoid Problem

External hemorrhoids protrude outside the anus and can also be felt. The pain caused by external hemorrhoids becomes unbearable at times. External hemorrhoids may also cause bleeding along with the bowel movements. Bleeding external hemorrhoids can be cured using natural herbs and remedies that do not have bad effects on the health of a person. Allopathic medicines are also there that can be used for the treatment of hemorrhoids but these may have negative impacts on the health. Herbs are also available in the form of medicines like HemRid and are useful for the long-term and effective treatment of hemorrhoids.

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A bleeding external hemorrhoid problem can b treated at home and with a doctor, but only if you know you have one in the first place. While experiences may differ from person to person, there are a few indicators to keep in mind that will determine if you have bleeding hemorrhoids or not. Listed below are some of the symptoms to watch out for. If you notice any of these developing, start treatment or seek medical attention from a doctor before the problem gets any worse.

You may feel the urge to use the restroom shortly after you’ve had a bowel movement. This is because of a large amount of swelling at the end of the intestines. Your body assumes it is waste that needs to be let out, even though that is not the case. The more swelling you have in the area, the more discomfort there will be.

Bleeding is an obvious result of hemorrhoids. You may find a few streaks of blood after you wipe your anus, or you may see drops of blood in the stool. If you go through a treatment procedure and do not see the blood going away, you will need to ask your doctor about a more aggressive treatment option. Sometimes surgery is the only answer, but few people have conditions that extreme.

You should see a mucus seepage developing, especially if you are suffering with internal hemorrhoids on top of the external ones. This mucus may lead to itching in the area which can be treated by getting rid of the hemorrhoids altogether. You should avoid applying any anti-itch creams to your anus until they are approved by your doctor. That area is supposed to stay as clean as possible for maximum healing.

Pain is more common in bleeding external hemorrhoid issues than internal ones. This is because of the external swelling being contracted and expanded by the anal muscles. There is not much to do about this other than taking over the counter pain relievers until the swelling subsides. You can apply ice throughout the day to potentially reduce the size of the hemorrhoids. Other treatment options are available through your health care provider.