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Bleeding Hemorrhoid

by The H Researcher

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bleeding hemorrhoidKnowing You Have a Bleeding Hemorrhoid Problem

A bleeding hemorrhoids is not necessarily painful. You may experience bleeding along with the bowel movement and may not feel any pain. Their existence will make your life uneasy. Herbs are nature’s great blessings for us and their various uses have been identified by mankind. Hemorrhoids too can be cured using herbs. If you think that preparing a combination of herbs is time consuming and involves too much effort, then there is an alternative. Medicines are available that are prepared using beneficial herbs and can be used directly. HemRid is also an herbal medicine that is prepared using herbs that are beneficial for the cure of hemorrhoids.

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Even though blood in the stool is a surefire indicator of a bleeding hemorrhoid problem, there are other symptoms to watch out for that may show up before the blood does. If you can catch these symptoms early on, you may be able to cure the problem before it even gets to the bleeding stage. This is especially true if you know you are at risk for hemorrhoids anyway because of your weight or family history. Listed below are some of the many symptoms you may encounter with hemorrhoids so you can seek help for them as soon as possible.

The blood that comes along with hemorrhoids may also be accompanied by seeping mucus. This mucus will be apparent floating in the stool or in your underwear. This may also lead to an itching sensation that will go away when the mucus does. If you start treatment, you should be rid of that in no time.

Pain is mainly a problem with external hemorrhoids, but it can come out at any level. If you have problems using the restroom or sitting down, you may have developed hemorrhoids. You can take some over the counter pain medication to relieve some of the discomfort, or you can see if your doctor will prescribe you with something that may directly target the issue.

You may feel that you need to go to the restroom more often than you normally do, and many times you will not actually have to go once you get to the stool. This is because of a swollen area right at the edge of your large intestines that your body assumes to be waste that it needs to pass through. Determining when you do and do not have to have a bowel movement can be a challenge, but the urgency will fade as the bleeding hemorrhoid does. If you start seeing blood in your stools on a regular basis and at home treatment does not improve the situation, you should speak with a doctor. He or she can provide a more fitting solution for your specific needs.