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Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms

by The H Researcher

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Understanding Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms

If you are worried that you may have a hemorrhoid problem, you may want to review some bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms. These are indicators that you have the condition or will in the near future. Listed below are a few of the symptoms to watch out for and some suggestions to help your hemorrhoids if you already have them.


Rectal pain in general may be a sign of hemorrhoids. You will notice this especially when you have to use the restroom. Uncomfortable bowel movements could be a sign of either internal or external hemorrhoids, so you will have to look into other symptoms to determine which one it is.


Blood is an obvious symptom of a bleeding hemorrhoid problem. If you notice blood in your stools or on the toilet paper after wiping, you may very well have hemorrhoids. The severity of the condition will depend on the amount of blood coming out, the frequency of it, and how many other symptoms you have.


Swelling is going to happen with internal or external hemorrhoids, but you likely will not notice the internal swelling because you cannot see it. The external swelling can come in a variety of forms. You may see a red blood clot forming under the surface of the skin or a bright blue veins swollen around the anal hole. There may also appear to be excess skin in the area that is not supposed to be there.


Itching is a common issue for people with internal hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids cause a mucus to come out that irritates the anal canal, and the result is an itching feeling. Resist the urge to scratch at this as it will only make matters worse.


You will feel more discomfort depending on the size of your hemorrhoids. The bigger they are, the more discomfort there will be. The main complaint here is that there is a need to use the restroom right after passing a stool, a false assumption in your mind. This passes with treatment. Look for this and other bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms so you can get treated right away.