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Causes of Hemorrhoids

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causes of hemorrhoidsUnderstanding the Causes of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a condition which occurs when the veins in the anal region become swollen and inflamed. How do you get hemorrhoids? There are many causes of hemorrhoids. People who often suffer from constipation are likely candidates for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids may also be caused by excessive straining during bowel movement, pregnancy, obesity, or dehydration. Increasing age is also a major factor of hemorrhoids which is why middle aged people are more likely to get hemorrhoids than younger people. No matter what the cause, the best way to treat hemorrhoids is by natural medications such as HemRid as it provides fast relief and effective treatment.

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HemRid can only be bought online but it offers a next-day shipping option for fast delivery. It also comes with a 120-day refund policy which can be availed if the product is found unsatisfactory.Adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting hemorrhoids in the first place. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, treat your conditions naturally as it is much safer and more effective than other forms of treatments.

There are a number of causes of hemorrhoids that you may encounter. Whether you are looking for a way to treat your existing hemorrhoids or simply trying to prevent them from happening in the future, understanding these causes will lessen your chances of suffering from this kind of pain. Listed below are just a few of the factors of hemorrhoid problems you may experience.

Being Overweight

Being overweight puts pressure all over the body. When this pressure transfers into the anal canal, the result is hemorrhoids. It is thus important to maintain a healthy weight as much as you can. A good diet can also help prevent hemorrhoid problems if it lessens your constipation and gives you more energy. Start drinking more water and eating more fiber and you will see a noticeable difference in the way you feel.


Constipation is another cause of issues because of the pressure being put on the anus throughout the day. If you struggle to pass stools, you will inevitably cause your anal veins to swell. The best thing to do is to stop constipation when it first occurs. Take stool softeners to help the waste pass through your body more easily, and consider laxatives for a short amount of time. Do not use too many laxatives though because diarrhea is also a cause of hemorrhoid issues.


Sitting for too long can cause these kinds of problems, which is why it is always a good idea to take a few walks throughout the day to give your anus some rest. Do not take too long in the bathroom because then you are sitting in the position that will put the most pressure possible on your anal canal. If you work at a desk all day, be sure to get up for a drink every hour or two just to relieve the pressure in your body. Then you can get back to your normal routine.


Family history is one of the most prominent causes of hemorrhoids around. If you know that your family members have gone through this problem for many generations, just expect it to happen to you. Do all you can to prevent the hemorrhoids from forming, and get treatment at the first signs of them if they do come about.