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Cure for Hemorrhoids

by The H Researcher

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cure for hemorrhoidsFinding a Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids

When you start looking for a cure for hemorrhoids, you will find a number of options at your disposal. Surgery and medication are both options for people with severe cases of hemorrhoids, but for the average person, there are some natural treatments that could fix your problems. Here are a few ways you may be able to cure your hemorrhoids on your own.

Drink Water

As simple as it sounds, a good dose of water every day could improve your digestive abilities significantly. Your digestion has a large impact on the way your bowels function, so problems with your digestion could lead to hemorrhoids. If you already have hemorrhoids, bowel problems could make them worse. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day and you will see a huge improvement in the way you feel.

Eat Fiber

You need to have a diet rich in fiber so your food can pass through your body with ease. The less energy you have to exert while you use the restroom, the better off you will be. This will eliminate the pressure in your anus and that will improve the hemorrhoids. There are many foods on the market nowadays that are designed to improve your fiber. Any grain-based foods will work well, including cereals or bread. Ask your doctor about your diet to make sure you are getting adequate nutrition all the way around.

Avoid Lifting

When you lift heavy objects, your body has a tendency to tense up. This puts pressure in the anal canal that eventually causes hemorrhoid problems. If you cannot avoid heavy lifting, you at least need to be sure to breathe while you lift to minimize the pressure. It is a natural reaction to hold your breath, but you have to get past that if you want to avoid further complications with your hemorrhoids.

Minimize Sitting

If you sit or stand for a long period of time, you will put pressure on the veins in your anal canal. One of the worst times to sit around is when you are using the restroom. Avoid sitting for too long if you think you have to use the restroom. Focus on passing the food through your body rather than reading or looking at pictures in a magazine like people often do. Short walks throughout the day can actually be a cure for hemorrhoids if you want them to be.