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Cure Hemorrhoids Home

by The H Researcher

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cure hemorrhoids homeHow to Cure Hemorrhoids Home

It is always a good idea to seek medical attention from a doctor when you have a problem, but there are some ways that you can cure hemorrhoids home. Curing this problem at home is simply a matter of working around the different problems of the condition, like the pain, swelling, or irritation. Listed below are some ways to target the different forms of discomfort you may feel so you can cure yourself right at home.

Curing the Swelling

To improve the swelling that results from hemorrhoids, you can simply apply an icepack to the area throughout the day. Start with ten minute sessions. Put the pack on your anal region every few hours and you should see a difference in the swelling over time.

Cure the Irritation

If you have felt a lot of irritation in the area lately, you should take a sitz bath. Make sure the water is not too warm because that will make your inflammation worse. You can also lessen the irritation by not using toilet paper to wipe your buttocks after a stool. If you use toilet paper, moisten it so it is not as hard on your body. Otherwise, use a baby wipe or a soft cloth to blot the area after a bowel movement. If you have a bidet, that would be even better. You can also take a quick shower after every stool so you will not have to wipe at all. That is up to you.

Cure the Pain

For the pain, you can cure hemorrhoids home problems by taking an over the counter pain medication. You may also try resting as much as possible because that will give your body the maximum time to heal. Take a few days off work and just devote them to resting. Wear cotton underwear or none at all so your body does not develop moisture down there. Also try to avoid being in a sitting position because that will put pressure on the hemorrhoids. If you focus long enough on your recovery, you should be able to bounce back in no time. If the problem still persists though, you may need to have a talk with your doctor.