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Cures for Hemorrhoid

by The H Researcher

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cures for hemorrhoidSimple Cures for Hemorrhoid Problems

Most medical conditions can only be treated through an array of surgeries and medications. If you suffer from hemorrhoids though, you will be relieved to hear that that is not the case for you. As long as you have a mild problem to deal with, you can actually find cures for hemorrhoid problems right at home. There are a number or treatments to choose from, and it will be your job to determine which ones suit your lifestyle. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Pain Medications

You can always take over the counter pain medications to relieve some of the irritation from the hemorrhoids. Any type of aspirin or acetaminophen-based medications will work well for you. Take these pain relievers a directed, and do not rely on them as your only source of treatment. They are merely around to make the pain more bearable as you heal.


It is important to sleep when you have hemorrhoids because that gives your body a chance to heal. You should consider stay in bed for a few days if you can so you can benefit from the maximum healing time. If you do not have the chance to do that, at least do all that you can to rest when you get home. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time because that will put more pressure on the hemorrhoids. Just lay down on the couch or the bed and try to let your body do some of the healing for you.

Stay Clean

You must maintain good hygiene if you want your cures for hemorrhoid problems to work. Wiping your anus after a bowel movement can cause irritation though, so it is best to use a baby wipe or moistened piece of toilet paper to blot the area up instead. You may also consider using a bidet to keep yourself clean or hopping in the shower after every stool. You do not have to wash off your whole body every time, but keeping your rectum clean will be a huge step in the right direction for your healing.