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External Hemorrhoid Cure

by The H Researcher

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external hemorrhoid cureThe Simplest Home Based External Hemorrhoid Cure

If you are in need of an external hemorrhoid cure, you may be surprised by all of the treatment options available to you right at home. It would benefit you to seek help from a doctor if your condition is severe enough, but for mild cases, a little at home care can be the perfect solution to the problem. Listed below are a few ways you may be able to improve your external hemorrhoids at home.

Bed Rest

Taking a few days off may do you well because that will give your body a chance to heal on its own. Get as much sleep as you possibly can, and try to take it easy throughout the day. Heavy lifting can make matters worse, so it is best to lie down in bed and just relax until the hemorrhoids heal themselves. You can take a sitz bath every day to aid in the relaxation, or you could simply stay in your bed and watch movies. That is up to you.


Drink water as the day passes to increase your digestive abilities. In doing this, you will also make it easier to go to the bathroom, which will decrease the discomfort of the hemorrhoids. You should be drinking eight to ten glasses of water on a daily basis. If you do that and start adding fiber into your diet, you should not have a difficult time with stools.


Cotton clothing will help your anus breathe. If you can go without underwear at all while you are at home, that may be your best option for eliminating moisture in the area. Otherwise, you should at least wear cotton or a similar material that will let air get to the area. If you are staying in bed throughout the day, you may want to avoid trapping yourself under the blankets for too long, especially if it causes you to sweat.


The best external hemorrhoid cure for you may involve all of the suggestions above, but it could involve none of them at all. Think about what you are doing in your daily life that impacts your hemorrhoids and tr to make adjustments for the better.