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External Hemorrhoid Pictures

by The H Researcher

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The Shocking Sight of External Hemorrhoid Pictures

External Hemorrhoid Pictures

You may be in for a bit of a shock the first time you see external hemorrhoid pictures. That is because most people have never seen something like hemorrhoids coming out of an anus. External hemorrhoids are different than internal ones because they are in fact visible in photos. Understanding what these hemorrhoids are may be the only way to get past the shock of their appearance.

Hemorrhoids are formed from swollen veins in the anal canal. In the case of internal hemorrhoids, all of the swelling happens inside the body and just makes it difficult to pass a stool. With the external ones though, the swelling translates to the outside of the rectum. All this swelling is caused by pressure that a person puts on his or her anal canal through activities like heavy lifting, prolonged bowel movements, and sitting for extended periods of time. Family history and personal health may also contribute to the problem.

In terms of what to expect from the pictures, there are many variances of external hemorrhoids that you may see. Some of the milder forms will only come across looking like excess skin around the hole. Others may have a bright blue vein coming out of that area or swollen red pieces that look like muscles. Those are usually the most shocking images you will come across.

You never know if your body will one day look like the ones in external hemorrhoid pictures. That is why it is important to prevent hemorrhoids as much as you can. Start by learning about your family history to see if you are naturally at risk for developing hemorrhoids. If you are overweight, it would be wise to get back to a healthy weight level before problems start to develop. If you have to sift for a long period of time while you work throughout the day, make an effort to take short walks every few hours to relieve some of the pressure. Follow all of that up with a good fiber based diet and a consistent source of water and you may be able to bypass these issues completely.