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External Hemorrhoid Removal

by The H Researcher

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external hemorrhoid removalHow to Avoid External Hemorrhoid Removal

External hemorrhoid removal is a complicated surgical procedure that is best avoided when possible. It is used as a last measure to get rid of hemorrhoids when the size or pain becomes too much to handle. Before you go through such a procedure, it is important to do what you can to cure the hemorrhoids on your own. Here are a few ways you may improve matters so you do not have to go to the extreme of surgery.

Lose Weight

Losing weight could be the first step in getting rid of hemorrhoids. Most people have at least a few pounds they can afford to get rid of, and this may be the only motivation you need to actually go on the diet you have always talked about. The more weight you lose, the less pressure your body’s hemorrhoids will have on them. You can heal from there.

Take Walks

You need to avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time because that makes hemorrhoids worse. If you have to stay seated throughout the day, at least get up for a walk every hour to re-balance the pressure in your body. Then when you get home, lie down on the couch or on your bed so your muscles can relax. Top that off with a good night’s sleep for maximum healing.

Take a Sitz Bath

A sitz bath can do a lot to heal your hemorrhoids. Only fill the water so that it covers the area you need treated, and make sure the water is not too hot. When you finish soaking, be sure to let the area dry well before you put clothing on. If you can go around without any underwear at all, that would be ideal. Then your hemorrhoids would at least have a chance to breathe.


It is possible that you have no choice but to go through an external hemorrhoid removal. If that is the case, follow your doctor’s orders strictly so you do not have to go through that problem again. No matter what your situation is, rest assured that there is a cure for your hemorrhoids.