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Haemorrhoids Treatment

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Haemorrhoid troubles are the cause of many anal discomforts in the human body. These structures are in charge of how stools come out of that area, but many people find themselves with slight malfunctions in their haemorrhoids. When this happens, patients must seek out haemorrhoids treatments through the advice of a doctor to ensure that their rectal problems come to an end. If you have been having these sorts of issues lately, you may be relieved to learn that surgery is usually not necessary unless under severe circumstances. Here are a few hemorrhoids treatment options you may undergo that do not require any surgery at all.

Blot after Stools

After you use the restroom, blot your rectum with a towel or baby wipe to get off any excess stool that remains. Toilet paper can be harsh, especially when you wipe it up and down. In the right situations, that toilet tissue can turn into sand paper for your hemorrhoids. A gentle blotting will reduce your chances of problems in the future and potentially relieve some of the pain you may be having.

Wash the Area

Instead of wiping down your anus, you may consider washing it off in a shower or bidet. Be sure to use soaps without any harsh dyes or chemicals because those could lead to problems in the future. Do not rub or scrub the area, but rather let the water take its course. Then pat yourself dry with a towel when you are finished.

Tips for Relieving Pain

If you have notices some severe pain in your anus, there are some simple hemorrhoids treatment options you may try. You could apply a warm, damp cloth to the area in ten-minute sessions each day and see a noticeable difference in pain very shortly. You may also try using ice in the area, depending on which one feels better for you. The heat will relax the muscles, but the ice will reduce swelling and inflammation. It may be best to try both throughout the day.

You can also take over the counter pain relievers to get rid of some of the issues. These may not work for your specific hemorrhoid troubles, so you may have to request something more targeted from your doctor. He or she may have further suggestions for treatments based on your lifestyle and other medical conditions.