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Hemoroid Relief

by The H Researcher

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hemoroid reliefThree Easy Hemoroid Relief Solutions

When the pain gets to be too much to handle, many sufferers begin looking for hemoroid relief in whatever venues they can find. You can consider surgery and medication as options for your problems, but you may also be able to get relief naturally. Here are three easy tips that you can abide by to potentially get rid of some of your hemoroid pain.

Stop Wiping

One of the easiest ways to get relief is to stop wiping after you use the restroom. While it is important to still keep that area clean, the actual wiping motion can cause irritation of the hemoroids. Instead of using rough toilet paper to wipe the area, try using a baby wipe or damp rag. You could also take a shower or use a bidet to allow the water to rinse away the waste. If you opt for a cloth, only dab the area rather than wiping it up and down. The dabbing will be less likely to cause further irritation.

Avoid Sitting

When you sit in one position for a long period of time, you start to create pressure in the anus. Pressure is what causes hemoroids in the first place, so it is a good idea to avoid that if you want relief. Take a walk around your room every hour or two just to balance the pressure in your body again. Try not to sit on the stool for too long when you have to use the restroom, and avoid standing for long periods of time as well.

Eat Well

Believe it or not, your diet will have a large impact on how your body handles the hemoroids. You can get hemoroid relief by eating foods that do not make you constipated. Having a diet rich in fiber will yield the best results because your food will then be able to pass right through your body. If you drink a lot of water on top of that, you should be in good shape. A healthy diet will help you lose weight, which will eliminate much of the pressure in your anal canal that is causing the hemoroids. Maintain this diet and you will be less likely to suffer in the future.