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Hemorrhoid Cures

by The H Researcher

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hemorrhoid curesHemorrhoid Cures You Do without Thinking

There are tons of hemorrhoid cures to try out, from creams to surgeries and much more. While many of these products may target and improve some of your issues, they are not always easy to work with. Luckily, you have a few options for your disposal for cures that do not require much effort or thinking at all. Some of these are listed below.

Changing What You Eat

If you control what you eat, you can control how painful your hemorrhoids are. You need to stop eating spicy foods until after the hemorrhoids are gone. This will ensure that your bowel movements come out smoothly. You also need to make sure that you add fiber to your diet to prevent diarrhea and constipation. Both of those will only worsen the hemorrhoids.

Using the Restroom Differently

You do not have to change your whole routine in the bathroom, but you should make slight adjustments when you have hemorrhoids. Do not sit on the toilet any longer than you have to. This puts your body in a position that forces pressure onto your anal canal. This only makes your hemorrhoids worse. Do not bring reading material in the bathroom with you because it will cause a distraction. Instead, focus on completing your bowel movement and getting back to your normal life.

Do not wipe when you use the restroom. Dab the area with a moistened towel or baby wipe to clean the area. You may also consider taking a shower or using a bidet to maintain your hygiene. This is vital to your healing process.

Being More Active

While it is important to get a lot of rest when you are trying to heal, it is equally important to stay active during the day so you do not get too much pressure in one area of the anus. People who sit or stand for too long throughout the day usually have a longer recovery time because they do not relieve the anal pressure at any time. Short walks can actually be hemorrhoid cures if you use them to relieve your anus periodically. Take a five-minute walk every few hours and you will see a difference in your healing time.