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Hemorrhoid Herbs

by The H Researcher

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hemorrhoid herbsHow to Use Hemorrhoid Herbs

Hemorrhoid herbs can provide a natural solution for the pain and discomfort you may feel from hemorrhoids. These herbs are usually available in oils that can be applied to the body in strategic locations. Some herbs will treat more symptoms than others, but they are all designed to target certain aspects of the hemorrhoids and relief whatever symptoms you are going through. Here is a look at how to use these herbs to their full potential so you can heal quickly.

Apply to the Anus

Most herbal solutions are topical, and they get applied directly to the anus. You need to make sure that this area is clean before applying to avoid getting an infection. The topical solution is absorbed into your anus to treat internal or external hemorrhoids, depending on the situation. You should only use the herbs as directed, but make sure that you apply them enough to get relief. Most of the time, that will be at least three times a day.

Apply to the Feet

This may sound a bit odd, but you can in fact apply herbs directly to the bottom of your feet so they can be absorbed into your immune system. This will fight the hemorrhoids from the inside out. Most people fail to do the foot applications, and they miss out on a fast track for healing as result. Now you know that oils can go on your feet as well as your anus if you want maximum relief.

Apply before Bed

The time you spend sleeping is the time that your body heals the most. It has nothing else to worry about but getting you better, and it effectively does that if you give it time. To maximize the benefits of your treatment, be sure to get a good night of sleep every night until the hemorrhoids have subsided. Also apply the hemorrhoid herbs right before you go to bed to allow them to absorb throughout the night. If you get enough rest and use the medication properly, there is no reason that you cannot see some sort of relief from herbal hemorrhoid treatments.