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Hemorrhoid Home Remedies

by The H Researcher

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hemorrhoid home remediesCompletely Free Hemorrhoid Home Remedies

With tough times in the economy hitting everyone’s wallet nowadays, the concept of going to a doctor for treating your hemorrhoids may simply be out of the question. Most people would then turn to hemorrhoid creams or medications that are supposed to target this condition, but those treatments come at a price as well. Luckily, there are some free hemorrhoid home remedies that may get rid of your hemorrhoids for a while. Here are some different ideas to try.

Drink More Water

It is a proven fact that drinking water can help your healing process in general, but it can be of particular benefit when you have hemorrhoids. This is because the water will improve your digestive abilities and allow your stools to come out like they were supposed to. You should drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, depending on your size and daily activities.

Do Anal Exercises

You can do anal exercises without any scheduling whatsoever. These are designed to redistribute some of the pressure that may build on your anal canal while you sit or stand. Just work the muscles in your buttocks as much as you can throughout the day. Take short walks if you want for that will also move those muscles in a beneficial manner.

Keep Your Anus Clean

Proper hygiene is vital to your healing process, so you must be sure to keep your anus as clean as possible. You can take a shower after every stool, or you can just pat the area with a bay wipe when you have a bowel movement. It is important not to wipe the anus with toilet paper like you normally do because that will be too rough. It will irritate the skin in the long run.


Sleeping gives your body a chance to fully heal when it has a problem like hemorrhoids. Thus it is important to sleep often and well when you develop this condition. Stay active throughout the day if you have to be out, but if not, some bed rest will do you well. Of all the hemorrhoid home remedies you could possibly try, this has to be the easiest.