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Hemorrhoid Home Remedy

by The H Researcher

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hemorrhoid home remedyDeveloping a Hemorrhoid Home Remedy

A hemorrhoid home remedy can be a great alternative to costly surgeries and medications that may not be necessary for you. The fact is that most people with mild cases of hemorrhoids have all the tools they need to get better on their own. The only thing they lack is the knowhow to do so. If you have been trying to find a way to cure your hemorrhoids at home, consider the tips below.

Sitz Baths and Hemorrhoid Cream

Combining sitz baths and hemorrhoid cream throughout the day should produce the perfect solution for your problem. You should apply the hemorrhoid cream at least three times a day, making sure to do an application after each sitz bath as well. You do not need to use much of the cream to get relief, especially since you will apply it several times in a day. Stick to this regimen until you have fully healed from your hemorrhoids and you will come out good as new.

Activity and Rest

You need to have a balance of rest and activity to provide the best environment for healing. Throughout the day, the body will develop pressure in the anal canal that causes hemorrhoids to form or worsen. Small activities can redistribute that pressure back to the rest of your body so you do not suffer any longer. Thus you may want to take short walks on occasion to keep your body moving.

You also need to get enough rest for your body to start the healing process. Do that by sleeping well throughout the night and taking a few days of bed rest if need be. Do not sit too much, but rather lay flat on your back so you do not create unnecessary pressure in the anus.

Hygiene and Diet

You need to have a good source of fiber in your diet to keep your bowels moving properly. Once you pass a stool, be sure to clean the area so you do not get an infection. This will delay your hemorrhoid home remedy. Do not strain to use the restroom and avoid wiping that area when you can. Dab it with a baby wipe instead to minimize irritation.