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Hemorrhoid Natural Remedy

by The H Researcher

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hemorrhoid natural remedyTry A Hemorrhoid Natural Remedy

With medications and surgeries available for patients with hemorrhoids, it is easy for natural remedies to be pushed to the backburner. A hemorrhoid natural remedy can provide you with a chance to heal on your own for a much lower price than you would get with any other treatment. Natural treatments do tend to take longer than others to heal the problem, but they require much less effort on your part. The habits that you learn during this treatment may also serve as prevention methods in the future as well. Here are some of the many natural relief systems that you may be able to test out in your home.


There is nothing more natural than having a clean body. When you suffer with hemorrhoids, it is important to keep your anus clean in particular to avoid infection. Since you likely have pain wiping after a bowel movement anyway, it may be wise to leave that task up to a baby wipe or moistened towel. This will clean the area and reduce the amount of irritation you feel after a stool. Take daily showers to clean your anus and be sure to avoid harsh soaps that may make matters worse.


Your body is programmed to heal on its own, but it can only do that if you get the right amount of rest. It goes to work while you sleep because that is when you are most relaxed and ready for change. You should stay active during the day if you cannot go on bed rest because this will relieve the pressure in your anus. Once you get home though, lie down and go to sleep as quickly as you can.


Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet will minimize the strain you go through during a bowel movement. Fiber reduces the chances of constipation and diarrhea, and those are two of the main causes of hemorrhoids. Drinking water throughout the day will also act as a natural home remedy so you can heal swiftly. If you cannot get relief from those methods, you could also try taking a stool softener to help with your bowel movements.