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Hemorrhoid Surgery Recovery

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hemorrhoid surgery recoveryWhat to Expect from Hemorrhoid Surgery Recovery

A hemorrhoidechtomy is not recommended for everyone, but some people have no choice but to go through it. This involves the surgical removal of hemorrhoids from the body, and it is usually only performed on people with extreme cases of hemorrhoids. If you know that you will have to get such an operation, you may be interested to learn about the hemorrhoid surgery recovery that you will have afterward. Here is some general information about that so you can know what to expect.

Hours after Surgery

Once you have your surgery, you will be given a strong anesthetic that should last up to twelve hours. This will relieve your pain until you can get home and rest. Some people have to stay in the hospital to wait out the duration of this medication, but others are released immediately after completion. You should not drive yourself home after the pain medication because it may make you drowsy.

Days after Surgery

Once you get home from surgery, you may experience some pain for a few days. This is entirely normal, and your doctor should prescribe you with some medication to relieve your pain until you get better. If he does not, ask him if there is an over the counter treatment that will work for you. Then simply use that medication as directed.

It is normal to see bleeding after surgery, most likely in the first bowel movement you take. This will pass in time. Your doctor will probably suggest that you go on stool softeners to make your bowel movements easier. This will minimize pain. You can use ice packs or sitz baths for some source of relief, and your physician may put you on an antibiotic to fight infection.

Recovery Time and Follow-ups

Hemorrhoid surgery recovery time will vary from person to person. The follow-up appointment with the doctor is usually scheduled two to three weeks after the operation. You may be healed by that time, or you may still b e feeling a bit of pain. Your health care provider can check for problems at your follow-up and determine how much longer you may be in recovery.