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Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

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hemorrhoids and pregnancyHemorrhoids and Pregnancy Go Hand in Hand

Most women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, so it can be said that hemorrhoids and pregnancy go hand in hand. During pregnancy and at the time of child birth the pressure on the lower abdomen is excessive and this increased pressure results in hemorrhoids. Several precautions are advised in order to avoid hemorrhoids. Sitting for longer periods also exerts pressure on the lower part of the body and may lead to hemorrhoids. Various medications including herbal medicines are used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. HemRid is medicine that is made of herbs and its use shows significant improvement in the condition of hemorrhoids.

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Hemorrhoids and pregnancy go together more often than most new mothers would like. Hemorrhoids are typically formed from pressure in the anal canal, and a baby can be a contributing source of that pressure. When the pelvis has too much weight on it, the veins within can swell. This creates an uncomfortable feeling that is hard to treat if it is unattended for too long. If you are concerned about getting hemorrhoids during your pregnancy, consider some of the information below.


Aside from the pressure that your baby puts on your pelvis during pregnancy, there are other causes of hemorrhoids to consider. Your progesterone level increases during your pregnancy, and that makes it easier for your veins to swell up. Constipation is often a side effect of pregnancy, and that can also play a role in your hemorrhoids. You cannot control your progesterone levels easily, but you may be able to relieve some of the constipation through diet and exercise. Consult with your doctor for further information.


You have to be careful with how you treat your hemorrhoids because your treatment may also affect your baby. One thing that you can do even while you are pregnant is apply ice to the area for relief. Do this in fifteen minute sessions as often as you need throughout the day. You can also take warm baths so your muscles will relax more easily. A sitz bath is safe for you and the baby, and it can greatly improve your condition.

You should sleep as often as you can when you suffer from hemorrhoids. Some daily activity is necessary for pressure distribution, but sleeping will allow your body to heal the way it should. Make sure to take a week off or so before your delivery date so you are fully rested for the birth of your child. The more rest you get, the easier it will be to deal with the hemorrhoids and pregnancy pains. If you notice consistent bleeding or mucus seepage from your anus, ask your doctor about more targeted treatments that will work for you.