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Hemorrhoids Cause

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hemorrhoids causeWhat Is Your Hemorrhoids Cause?

Hemorrhoids cause an imbalance in life and disturb your health in many ways. A little improvement in your lifestyle can save you a lot of trouble and heal your hemorrhoids in no time. You should start their treatment immediately when you come to know about the condition. This will prevent worsening of the condition of your hemorrhoids. Herbal medicines are advisable for simple hemorrhoids and they also prevent the negative effects that can be caused by allopathic medicines. These are safe and have been used for many years now. HemRid is an example of such herbal medicine, which is quite successful for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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If you really want to relieve your hemorrhoid problems and prevent them from happening in the future, you have to understand what your hemorrhoids cause was. Some factors may not be in your control, but for the most part, something you did likely triggered your problem. Listed below are a few of the most common factors that go into developing hemorrhoids. You may not fit into any of these, but making adjustments like the ones suggested can help you prevent hemorrhoids even more in the future.


Hemorrhoids in general are caused by pressure in your anal canal. This pressure can come from a few different sources, many of which will be explored below. Just note that any time you are putting strain on your anus, you are creating a venue for hemorrhoids to form.


Constipation is one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids because people do not think to get rid of it. With this problem though, your anus is under immense pressure from the stools it cannot pass. If you feel that you have been constipated for awhile, eat fiber or take laxatives to fix the problem. That may prevent or improve your hemorrhoids.

Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy objects can put a lot of strain on your anal veins as well, causing them to swell and form hemorrhoids. If you cannot avoid lifting heavy objects because of your job or general household duties, you at least need to learn to breathe while you lift. Holding your breath will put all of the pressure on your anus and can form hemorrhoids in a minute.


Being overweight can also cause a case of hemorrhoids to flare up. This is rather obvious because the extra weight is putting pressure on various areas of your body, including the rectum. Pregnant women deal with the same issue, but they cannot control the weight their baby puts on them. You might be able to control yours. Hemorrhoids cause all kinds of discomfort; so you might as well do all you can to avoid them. Lose some weight and you will feel better; guaranteed.