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Hemorrhoids Causes

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hemorrhoids causesA Close Look at Hemorrhoids Causes

Hemorrhoids causes vary, but one common thing is they make life uneasy. It can be painful or not and it may bleed or not. Whatever the case may be, hemorrhoids create a lot of disturbance in life. Unhealthy digestive system, prolonged sitting and pushing too hard when sitting on the toilet seat are the major causes of hemorrhoids. A few positive changes in life can help you to avoid hemorrhoids. Home remedies and herbal medications are also available that are used by many people to fight off hemorrhoids.  HemRid is an herbal medicine, which is used by many people for the treatment of their hemorrhoids.

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If you can understand hemorrhoids causes, you will have a much better chance of avoiding this condition entirely. Most people do not realize that simple changes in their daily lives can make a huge difference in their risks for developing hemorrhoids. If you have a family history of hemorrhoids, you are automatically more at risk for them than other people. Here are some other causes that you may be able to bypass so you can avoid hemorrhoids altogether.


Hemorrhoids are caused by pressure in the anal canal, and a lot of that pressure can come from excess body weight. If you make an effort to keep yourself fit and healthy, you will be much less likely to develop hemorrhoids and other weight related problems. While you attempt to change your diet, you may want to add more fiber into the mix so you can avoid problems like constipation and diarrhea. These are also causes of hemorrhoid issues.


Pregnant women go through hemorrhoids fairly easily because their babies put so much pressure on their pelvic region. A lack of progesterone in the system also makes anal veins more volatile to swelling. Combine all of this with the constipation inherent in pregnancy and you have the perfect mix for hemorrhoids. Luckily, most pregnant women get past their hemorrhoids after childbirth.

Sudden Pressure

If you lift a heavy object and hold your breath, you put a ton of force in your anus at one moment. Sometimes that moment is just enough to spark a case of hemorrhoids. The same can be said about difficult bowel movements when you hold your breath. Focus on keeping steady breathing whenever you do these strenuous activities and your risk of hemorrhoids will decrease.

Prolonged Sitting

If you sit or stand for too long, you automatically put pressure on your body that does not need to be there. Staying active throughout the day will help you bypass these hemorrhoids causes as you allow all of that pressure to be dispersed throughout your body. You can do some anal exercises as well to ensure your muscles stay moving.