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Excerpt: How a Hemorrhoid Cushion Could Help You Owing to its shape (which is generally in the form of a ‘doughnut’), a hemorrhoid cushion is also known as a “doughnut cushion”. It is specifically designed alleviate the excruciating pain associated with internal prolapsed hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are generally treated using medications or therapies. A hemorrhoid cushion is categorized as a therapeutic treatment for hemorrhoids, since it is aimed at easing the pain off the inflamed region. When the hemorrhoid condition is at its initial stages, physicians generally recommend the use of hemorrhoid cushions and treatments like HemRid. HemRid is a natural supplement,…

Hemorrhoid Cushion

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: How to Properly Use a Hemorrhoid Cushion A hemorrhoid cushion is a small ring that you can sit on to relieve anal pressure when you have hemorrhoids. All it does is push the pressure around on your buttocks so it sits more evenly throughout. Most rings on the market [...]

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